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Our Services

Developmental Pediatrics Medical Consultation areas of expertise to include:
  1. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  2. Developmental Delay (delays in the adaptive, cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, language and social domains of development)
  3. Intelligence Disabilities
  4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  5. Learning Disabilities
  6. Academic Under-achievement
  7. Language Disorders (expressive, receptive, non-verbal, pragmatic, semantic, apraxia and articulation)
  8. Follow up for pediatric sub-groups at high risk for developmental delay, to include genetic disorders, premature birth (< 35 weeks gestation) and status post cardiac surgery.
Adoptive Medicine consultative service with expertise in Asian adoptions:

One of the greatest milestones in adult life is the decision to start a family. For many, this is pursued via adoption. The process can present many challenges. This office offers the following services to prospective parents in providing “peace of mind” for a successful adoption:

  1. Initial Visit: This is an opportunity to meet the prospective adoptive parents and create a roadmap to success in the adoption process. This includes enrollment with adoption agencies, legal representation and financial commitments during and after an adoption. It is critically important to ensure there is a match between the needs of the child and parental expectations from the adoption.
  2. Pre-Adoption Medical Evaluation: Documentation released to the Adoption Agency regarding the child is often inaccurate. As a result, the prospective parents are misinformed about the needs of the child they are about to adopt. SDP offers the service of traveling to the location of the child to directly observe the child in the natural environment followed by a medical and developmental assessment of the child. This empowers prospective parents to be fully informed before an adoption is finalized.
  3. Post-adoption: Coordination of the medical needs of children after adoption with emphasis upon the developmental-behavioral needs.
Educational Advocacy Consultative Service:

Children with special needs typically meet criteria to receive an Individual Education Program (IEP) for 3-21 years of life. The family may require guidance to ensure the child is consistently receiving appropriate services. This office offers the following services to families seeking professional guidance:

  1. Initial Visit: The first visit is designed to meet with the family, review the current education concerns and appraise all available educational and therapy assessment results to date, in include the current individual education plan (IEP). This is a time to determine if there are other issues that are not addressed in the IEP (typical examples include undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, etc.). Some items may need to be assessed by other specialists. Many of these disorders can be addressed here in this office at a separate medical visit. Such disorders can greatly impact qualifying services received on obtain an IEP.
  2. Follow Up Office Visit:This visit allows the clinician and family to re-group after addressing unanswered questions from the first visit to determine reasonable components of what should be included on the child’s IEP.
  3. EP Meeting: Guidance is provided to the family to address pertinent information with the school’s Special Education program. Typically, the vast majority of discrepancies can be resolved at this junction. On rare occasion, the family and school may disagree on the needs of the child. In this situation, Stuart Developmental Pediatrics is willing to represent the family at an IEP to fully advocate for the needs of the child.