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Fee Schedule

The fees charged at the Stuart Developmental Pediatrics are based on time spent by each of our professional staff members on your child’s behalf.

After Hours Consultation Fee
Arrangements can be made to be seen Monday-Thursday evening or Saturday mornings for an additional fee.
Pre-Consultation Administration
This is an all inclusive fee which covers administrative time, use of equipment, mailing, billing/coding, questionnaire scoring and general preparation for the visit. Total administrative time to prepare all material prior to the visit is approximately 60-90 minutes.
Consultation Documentation:
The physician is required to write up a detailed report of the visit. On average, each new visit typically takes 60 minutes and a follow up visit takes 30 minutes to complete detailed documentation.
Virtual Medical Visits:
*Note – available only for appropriate follow up visits which do not require a physical examination. Such visits will be conducted in accordance of Texas legislation on the matter.
Developmental Pediatrics Medical Consultation:
New consults are typically 90-150 minutes in length.
Educational Advocacy Consultation:
Time can vary substantially from case to case
Travel: $1/mile
Adoption Medical Consultation:

  • Speak with family regarding expectations regarding the adoption.
  • Facilite coordiation and review of all legal and medical documents.

Pre-adoption face to face medical visit:

  • Travel to adoption area to examine the child in person and review all relevant documents to ensure accuracy and that prospective adoptive family is fully aware of the child’s inclusive status prior to formal adoption.

$1,500 per day beginning on the day of departure and ending on the day of return to Austin, TX.
Post adoption visit:
Facilitate coordination of care for the behavioral, education and medical needs of the child.

New Developmental Pediatrics Medical Consultation:

Follow Up Developmental Pediatrics Visit:

Virtual Follow Up Developmental Pediatrics Visit:

Educational Advocacy (This can vary substantially depending on complexity of the circumstances)

Adoption Medical Consultation:

  • Initial-visit
  • Pre-adoption face to face medical visit (2 days travel, 3 days at orphanage)

Post adoption visit









How to Pay

You will be provided with a financial responsibility agreement form that must be signed and returned to before the initial medical visit.