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Frequently Asked Questions

A Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician is a physician who has successfully completed a General Pediatrics residency, a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship and is certified in both specialties by the American Board of Pediatrics. Common disorders managed by a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician include:

  1. Developmental Delay
  2. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  4. Learning Disabilities
  5. Academic Under-Achievement
  6. Intelligence Disability
  7. Language Disorders – (expressive, receptive, non-verbal, pragmatic, semantic, apraxia and articulation)
  8. In addition, we provide follow up for pediatric populations at high risk for developmental delay, to include genetic disorders, prematurity (< 35 weeks gestation) and status post-cardiac surgery. This work is completed in coordination with the child’s primary care doctor.

There are several methods to arrange for referral to Stuart Developmental Pediatrics:

  1. The primary care provider can place a referral.
  2. Other clinicians working with the child can place a referral.
  3. The family can call directly to arrange an appointment.

The best means to contact this office to arrange the referral include:

  1. Calling at 512.680.9295
  2. Fax at 1.844. 267.0438
  3. Email at StuartDevoPeds@gmail.com.

Each referral will be reviewed to ensure this office can answer the concerns for the child. There are times other specialities may be better suited, such as a Child Clinical Psychologist or Pediatric Neurologist.

    We are located within the Southpark Meadows shopping mall in South Austin along I-35. The address is 9500 IH-35 South, Suite E-100, Austin, TX 78748. The office is located along side Jo-ann’s Fabrics and Crafts!

    You can see a map and send us a message by clicking here to take you to our contact page.

    Step 1: This office will contact the family to forward appropriate paperwork, medical intake and age appropriate questionnaires to be completed.

    Step 2: The family completes paperwork

    Step 3: The family mails in the completed paper work and copies of relevant past evaluation. (Note: All submitted paperwork must be completed before an appointment will be scheduled).

    Step 4: All paperwork is reviewed and questionnaires are scored.

    Step 5: The office will contact the family to arrange an appointment.

    Step 6: The initial office visit typically takes 90-150 minutes in duration, depending on the complexity of the situation and thoroughness of the intake paperwork. Every effort will be made to provide a determination of a diagnosis, if any, by the end of the visit. There may be times that specialized lab and radiology tests may be needed to confirm a diagnosis. The findings of the evaluation will be reviewed with the family and will recommend a plan of intervention.

    Step 7: Follow up is recommended every 6-12 months to monitor progress. If a child is started on medication for behavioral treatment, follow up is much more frequent.

    Our battery of developmental screening tests allows us to obtain a first-hand clinical impression about your child.
    Children 0-5 are typically scheduled in the morning and school aged children are scheduled in the afternoon. However, this is not set a hard and set rule. If the typical appointment slots are not convenient for the family, for an additional fee, after hour appointments can be made.
    If your child has been evaluated in the past, it is very important that we have the reports of those evaluations before your child’s visit. This will help the physician in the assessment of your child’s problems and will make the process more efficient and cost effective.
    The questionnaires are designed to gather objective information about your child. It will help the doctors determine what the problems are and how to focus the evaluation process. It is essential to have this information to prepare a comprehensive report that is very important to help your child receive the necessary services.
    Visits to Stuart Developmental Pediatrics are PAINLESS! If anything, the child will have fun playing with the variety of toys available throughout the office. Structured play with the child will be conducted to determine the developmental skills of the child. There is no pass or fail in any of these tests. By determining the strengths and limitations of the child, we can develop and appropriate intervention plan.
    This office does not provide direct Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology or Applied Behavior Analysis therapies. However, this office will assist in coordinating appropriate services in the family’s home location.

    Our cancellation policy requires that you contact our office at least 24 hours before your child’s scheduled visit. If your appointment is on a Monday, the visit must be cancelled before 12 noon on the previous Friday. If the appointment is not properly cancelled, there will be a charge of $250.00.

    Please be aware there is a 9-12 month waiting list to be seen by this specialty within Texas. In the event you must reschedule, there may be an extended waiting time to be seen purely due to consult demand.

    The typical initial consultation is $625 (2 hour visit) and follow up appointments are $250 (one hour). Payment in full is expected at the end of the clinic visit.

    Completed consultations are mailed to the family the within 10 business days.